Kharazmi's R&D department focusing on designing and improving formulations of new finished products as well as constant quality improvement of current productions, has been considered as one of the strategic units of the company.

Undoubtedly, quality and scope improvement of Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company's medications has been as the result of the company's close interactions with top ranking universities, research and investing centers on one hand and taking advantage of qualified and competent personnel on the other hand.

Major activities of R&D department are in line with strategic aims in the fields of designing, formulation and quality improvement of the products in different therapeutic categories like antidiabetics, lipid level modifiers, antidepressants, analgesics, CNS and GI medications.

R&D department has also taken major steps in producing formulation of natural and herbal medicines. Focusing on portfolio diversification, these medications will be launched to the market soon for the treatment of obesity, skin burning and GI disorders.

Due to the high production volume of some pharmaceutical products and pediatric supplements, there has always been a constant attempt for improving taste, color and physiochemical characteristics of these products in order to achieve patient compliance.


Cycle of research and development in Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company



R&D department consists of three main parts as below:


  • Formulation department
  • Analytical department
  • Documentation department



1-  Formulation Department

In this department, formulations are designed using the most updated pharmaceutical references and technology. API, excipients, packaging materials and the most appropriate dosage forms are discussed and identified in this department. Executive phase is followed by formulation approval. In-vitro analysis and stability studies are performed by this department as well.

A wide range of dosage forms including liquids, solids, semi-solids and sprays are formulated in this department and a number of equipment and machineries are used in this unit like: single punch tablet press machine, Rotary tablet press machine, electric mixer machine, homogenizer machine, tablet hardness tester machine, tablet coating machine and 4 incubator machines for testing temperature stability.


2- Analytical Department


All analytical tests are performed in this department based on USP, BP, EP and validated analytical methods. To perform analytical tests, following equipment are used in this department; Spectrophotometer, HPLC, Disintegration Tester, Dissolution Tester, UV/Visible ...



3- Documentation Department


Technical documents such as ICH-CTD are prepared in this department.