Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company looks into Pharmaceutical Products’ Exportation as a step towards improvement of human societies’ Health and well-being. Hence, we do all our best to produce high quality medicinal products with affordable prices and distribute them across the countries, which have demand for the products.

Since Iran is located in one of the most important geographical regions in the world, it is already considered as a crossroad in the heartland of the earth. Iran owns considerable advantage in transportation of merchandise among many countries and nations. It is obviously a twofold advantage for the country itself to take this opportunity to export its high quality goods to neighboring countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Turkmenistan and nearby countries over the seas (Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea) like Russia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Bahrain and even farther countries like Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

The company has short and long-term plans for presenting the name of Iran- that has been living since millenniums with its neighbors in peace and tranquility- to the nations of other countries in the world. 

Additionally, it takes scrutinized measurements to develop its business in international scope. Therefore, Export Development Department has started working from the very beginning of 2012 to reflect the company's capabilities and competences in global facet and to introduce name of Kharazmi (already reputable in the domestic market) in foreign markets.

In the above-mentioned strategy  the company is willing to initiate business relationships with the local  trading , distributing  , chain drugstores  as well as Ministry of Health of  the counter countries and even with International Organizations ( NGO's) such as  Red CrossRed Crescent and  Medecins Sans Frontieres ( Doctors Without Borders) .


Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Co. approaches various models of business cooperation with domestic companies of other countries as followed:

1- Granting representation to trading (importing) companies, distribution companies and pharmacy chain stores,

2- Participating in international tenders,

3- Joint-manufacturing with overseas companies in Iran merely for export,

4- Joint-manufacturing with local companies in target markets,

5- Stock purchasing of local companies in target countries.                    


This company aims to be present in target markets constantly and sustainably. Accordingly, it will create desirable and beneficial conditions for the opted agents or representatives in each country; so that mutual satisfaction will come up for both agents and customers.

Agents will be provided by good promotional samples and giveaways as well as comprehensive catalogues, brochures and leaflets to present to the customers.

With promotional plans and information giving, we will do our utmost attempt to be a trusted companion beside our agents and guarantee improvement of our customers’ health and well-being.