Marketing department segmented itself in some expertise units for achieving all its targets as followed:

 Medical and Scientific Representation Unit

Marketing department mission some experienced medical representatives to stay in touch with Iranian physicians’ society to present the products well and get directly their points of view.

At the time being, all districts of capital city, Tehran, and all Northern cities as well as Khorasan province are covered visiting by medical representatives and other provinces will be covered soon.

In order to promote the knowledge level of medical and sales representatives, we train them and hold some learning courses and check their improvements. Besides, we gleam daily experts about medicine and pharmaceuticals around the world.

 Sales Unit of Marketing

This unit is going to organize the inventory of distribution companies and channels across the country according to demands arising from marketing research unit and reflections shown up of tight relationship with mediator customers and distribution channels.

 Local Marketing Research Unit

This unit is set up due to expanding need for marketing research either for current products and medications in the country or for future drugs; so that it can take effective measurements in both marketing procedures and research and development unit to improve the healthcare of society.

Advertisement Unit

Advertisement function supervised by experienced staff has been dealing with activities corresponding to advertisement for years.

These duties include brochures and catalogues’ designs, packages and preparation of all necessary equipment for exhibitions and trade fairs.

 Digital Marketing Unit

Since many people and societies including physicians, pharmacists and other groups tend to take advantage of virtual world to communicate and keep updated of the latest changes and topics of interest in the world; this unit is responsible for web based information transfer and medicinal knowledge level acceleration of its users.