CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a macro strategy used for all business types aiming towards interest, income and customer satisfaction optimization. In order to fulfill this aim, all the activities of the company are organized revolving around the various groups of customers.

Having an extended vision towards our customers, for leading sales team, facilitating reporting of medical representatives and finally increasing the company’s income, scientific visit management software is used.

Doing so, all addresses with be gathered together in an integrated environment and productivity with be enhanced as a result of products’ organization and personnel performance.

Company’s products are presented to physicians’ society and drugstores via qualified medical representatives.

In order to have more effective interaction and relation with the customers and knowing their feedback and viewpoints, a questionnaire has been designed for each customer category.

The results will be conveyed to marketing and sale units for better decision making.

Since customer satisfaction has been considered as one of the major goals of Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company, management is about to promote company services in line with increasing clients’ satisfaction.

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